Video Tips

Below are some good practices for recording a video with your phone, tablet or laptop webcam. These suggestions are mainly for those shooting a video of yourself demonstrating or performing. If you are shooting a movie or larger event, then research the best practices for that. Email for further assistance from our C2C Shine! Lead Team.

  • Film horizontally and prop up your device on a hard surface, use a tripod, or have a friend hold it (see Figure 1).
  • Check your settings to record in 1920×1080 (1080p at 30 fps). If that is not possible, use the next highest resolution.
  • Turn off all filters on your device to get the cleanest image possible.
  • Always test your audio before and reduce background noise as much as possible. This will ensure your voice is loud and clear.
  • If you are shooting a video featuring yourself in some manner, don’t be shy! Your face should always occupy the centre of the video. You can’t go wrong with a front-facing camera at arm’s length (see Figure 2).
  • Lighting can be tricky so make it easy – record beside a window. Just don’t have any bright lights in the background or you may become silhouetted.
  • Do not record too from from the camera otherwise your audio will suffer. In most cases do not be more than 1 metre away from the camera.
  • Remember to submit a registration form (parents mush submit if youth is 17 years or younger). You will receive an email confirming your registration and will contain the upload link.


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