Created to Create Masterpiece Virtual Arts Camp 2020!


We are excited to announce our Masterpiece Virtual Arts camp running from July 27- 31 from 9:00am-12:00pm! Students will sign up for one of the five breakout sessions for the week and will develop and practice new skills. All sessions will take place on Zoom, so please be sure you have full access to a device with internet access (a laptop or desktop computer is recommended). Additional requirements are listed below.

In the morning the campers will join together at 9:00am for a Good Morning wake up call and God Talk Time. At 10:30am, the campers will separate into breakout sessions with their instructors, where they will learn and practice new skills with the guidance of an instructor. After camp is done at 12:00pm, campers will be given an assignment to complete on their own. They will submit their best work for “Show and Tell” the next morning! On Friday, July 31 we will end the week with a final showcase which family and friends can join in on Zoom, featuring a video of the campers’ work!

By the Thursday before camp you will receive kit bags to your home with everything required for the camp – all the art supplies you’ll need plus a few surprises! The kits are yours to keep at the end of the week, but if you are in “PAINT THIS”, “DRAW THIS”, or “ANIMATE THIS” and receive a smart phone stand, we will pick them up at the end of the week!

Check out the videos below to learn more about each arts breakout session and meet your instructors! REGISTER BELOW BY JULY 23. We can’t wait to see you there!


Create your own STOP MOTION VIDEOS with Christine!

What you need:

– an area to shoot your videos!

– a tablet or computer with internet


Learn the basics of PAINTING with Alicia!

What you need: 

– a computer or tablet with internet

– a smartphone with internet



Learn and practice the basics of DRAWING with pencil, coloured pencils, and pastels with Emmy!

What you need:

– A smartphone with internet 

– Access to a computer or tablet to email pictures of your sketches to your instructor!


Learn what makes great PHOTOGRAPHY with Katie!

What you need:

– a cell phone with a working camera OR a digital camera

– access to computer or tablet to email photos to instructor 


Dive into IMPROV by participating in games and sketches with Caleb! 

What you need:

– access to “things” around your home that can be used in improv sketches 

– a space with room to move! 

– a computer with internet to participate on!


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